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Joshua Rhys Taliesin O'Madadhain

culturally specific language

Joshua Rhys Taliesin O'Madadhain


culturally specific language

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some of which is very funny, some of which is quite raunchy, and some which is both:


(I don't often get to use the tags 'linguistics' and 'humor' together. This may actually be the first time.)

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  • Ooh! I really like the phrase/logical fallacy "And you are lynching Negroes". I've been wanting a name for this fallacy - every time a conversation with one of my parents turns to that parent's (poor) diet or (lack of) exercise they always turn around and say "but your father/mother does X". If only I had a sibling I'm sure I'd have a nice phrase to turn back on them from my own youth, but I was an only child, so I have to make my own arguments from scratch.
  • You made me late for work this morning!
  • Single Kontakt aus Brandenburg


    All good things come to those who wait.
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